5 Easy Raw Pudding Recipes

By on March 27, 2018
raw pudding

By The Rawtarian


raw1Raw Rice Pudding

This Raw Rice Pudding recipe doesn’t actually contain rice (sorry to disappoint!).

Nonetheless, darlings, it will totally remind you of the rice pudding from your childhood.

Cashews and chia seeds and raisins (of course!) are some of the ingredients in this delightful pudding.

raw2Creamy Raw Fruit Chia Pudding

You really must try this Creamy Raw Fruit Chia Pudding!

It’s fruity and chocolate-y, and oh so smooth and creamy… yum!

I use raspberries and strawberries here, but you can use whatever berries your little heart desires!

raw3Orange Chia Seed Pudding

When I first made this Orange Chia Seed Pudding, my first thought was “creamsicle”!

Bursting with orange flavor, and so creamy good, this pudding is a favorite of mine.

Make sure you use fresh juicy oranges for an optimum orange taste sensation!

raw4Raw Chocolate Chia Pudding

I truly think this Chocolate Chia Pudding tastes like melted chocolate ice cream!

But maybe that’s just me. Even so, this is a delicious chocolate-y pudding that you’ll love!

Cashews are key to making this pudding creamy good.

raw5Raw Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Believe me, this Chocolate Avocado Pudding will rock your boat!

Who knew that avocado and cacao (plus a few other goodies) could meld into such a scrumptious dessert?

Actually, the secret sweetener in this recipe is dates. Amazing, really!

Pudding for dessert… or just because!

All of these recipes taste best when chilled for a little bit. This is so the pudding thickens and the flavors meld. But the little bitty wait is what makes these raw puddings so darned good. You won’t miss the ‘real’ thing when you have these recipes on hand!

In fact, why wait for dessert? Pudding for a snack sounds good to me!



Laura-Jane is The Rawtarian,laura a passionate raw vegan. What is a “raw vegan?” A raw vegan is someone who eats only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds–none of which are ever heated above 105F (40.6 Celsius). That’s it. Raw vegan recipes include cookies, brownies, cakes, crackers, macaroni and cheese, cheesecake, and more. All made from fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. No bread products, no dairy products, just raw, natural ingredients! There is a whole movement of “raw vegans” (or “raw fooders”) who invent and share creative raw food recipes. Raw vegans prepare recipes using blenders and food processors instead of ovens and microwaves! ”Like” The Rawtarian on Facebook, and visit her for more great recipe ideas at therawtarian.com

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