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Simply Woman is an international online magazine created as a global coalition—a platform and celebration—for women’s rights, needs, wants, and dreams designed to empower, encourage, enrich, and enlighten.



Created by Crystal Andrus Morissette, bestselling author and founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), this online magazine is a place for community—where like-minded women come together to share what they’ve learned and how they apply that knowledge to their daily lives. Any woman, of any age, from anywhere in the world can submit an original post with a bio and photo for inclusion on our Simply Woman magazine. This is not an exclusive space reserved only for experts, authors, leaders, or professional bloggers. This is a space for real women who are willing to share themselves vulnerably and authentically. It is crucial that each of us a feel part of something much bigger.

Women are being called now, like never before, to lift the entire collective consciousness and heal the world. We are the next era of the women’s movement! Join us and let your voice be heard!


Why Contribute to Simply Woman?

  1. Your post will receive broad exposure, promoted to our friends on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as our newsletter that reaches up to 14 million people weekly!
  2. Every post includes a bio with links back to your site. Many contributors share that featuring their writing on Simply…Woman increases traffic and subscribers to their blog
  3. The Simply Woman community is a hub for empowerment and communication. Through comments on the site and social networking pages we co-create a fulfilling experience for all involved.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Keep your post between 400-1,200 words. Keeping paragraphs to three sentences or less. (Keep it simple and clean.)
  • Share what you know best. What is your passion, your message, your expertise? Share it with us and the world!
  • Browse our current categories and content to get a feel for who we are and what we choose to feature. We look for original, uplifting, informative and thoughtfully written pieces (free of grammatical and spelling errors).
  • Reserve self-promotion to your bio as opposed to marketing a business, course, workshop, or service directly in the post. Featured contributors will be invited to share their upcoming events on our EVENT page.


Plus, if you want to improve your writing skills, give and receive constructive writing advice, and to be a part of a community, join us here too: Simply Woman Writer’s Circle! It’s absolutely free and lots of fun! is the next era of the women’s movement. Please join us!

How to Submit:

  • Email us your article, photo, and bio HERE!

  • Be sure to upload your blog in Microsoft Word,
  • Upload a photo of yourself as a jpeg file. 
  • If you’d like a different image for your article (rather than your photo) be sure to send a ‘copy-free’ image sized 420 x 470 pixels.
  • Upload your bio, fifty words or less.
  • Add your website and any social media accounts you have to the end of your bio!
  • Be sure to repost and share your articles once they have been published!

Please note that it may be up to three weeks before you receive a response. We may send your post back with questions/comments or suggested edits before publishing on the site.

Call for Submissions! Open!

Once you have submitted your article, bio, and image via the EMAIL LINK ABOVE, please confirm your name and email opt-in below. Thanks!!

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