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By on April 8, 2018

By Jennifer Mercier

If you’re one of the over six million American women who struggle with fertility, you may be shocked to know that some of your simple life choices might inadvertently be keeping you from conceiving.

According to Naturopathic Physician and PhD, Jennifer Mercier, who has helped over 80 percent of her patients get pregnant, here are 5 Things Keeping You From Conceiving:

1. Fast Food: While you know that the burger, fries and soda tastes good a moment on the lips and lingers on the hips, you might not know it impedes your chance to conceive. A woman’s body needs to be healthy to incubate a baby. To improve your chances of getting pregnant Mercier recommends eating organic, whole foods.

2. Couch Potato: Binging on Netflix is entertaining, but spending all that time on your butt makes it harder to conceive.

3. Stress: With mind and body linked, it’s no surprise that high levels of stress put a strain on a woman’s body, making it harder for her to conceive. Mercier suggests women trying to get pregnant find an outlet for stress that works for them, whether it’s meditation or yoga or a hobby she loves.

4. Lack of Self Care: Women are notoriously bad at putting themselves first. But for women trying to conceive, prioritizing their physical and mental health is paramount. Mercier suggests massage, bubble baths, and learning to say NO!

5. Not Being Your Own Health Advocate: While it’s important to surround yourself with a good medical team, it’s equally important that you take a proactive approach to your care. Trust your team, but you intrinsically know your own body.

While most women with fertility issues turn to IVF, Mercier, who herself struggled with infertility, developed Mercier Therapy, a revolutionary technique that involves soft tissue manipulation and fertility counseling. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with other fertility solutions.

In a recent clinical study 48 women aged 28-42 who had prior fertility issues received two Mercier Therapy sessions. Within six months, 18 of the women were pregnant, and within a year another 22 were pregnant! Of the 40 women who got pregnant, 32 used only Mercier Therapy.

Mercier recently completed a documentary on Mercier Therapy called Fertility: The Shared Journey. A trailer can be seen here.

DrFor more information about Mercier Therapy, or to arrange interviews with Jennifer Mercier or a couple who conceived using the program, please contact Tammy Petersen at

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