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By on July 20, 2017

By Marie Forleo

When Tiffany, a start-up bridal designer, wrote in feeling torn about her desire to launch a second, unrelated business — I had to respond.

As a multipassionate entrepreneur, I know this dilemma intimately.

Most humans I know have more than one gift to share. This idea of being “one thing” for your entire working life is largely outdated. It’s a relic of the industrial age.

The vast majority of us who consider ourselves ambitious creatives have a multitude of strengths, skills and dreams that we’d love to bring to life.

Whether it’s choosing a career or running a business (or two), multipassionate folks face this kind of crossroad often.

Naturally, there’s no one size-fits-all answer.

But there is one highly important question you need to ask yourself to find the best, right path ahead for you at this point in your journey. And that’s exactly what we’re covering in today’s MarieTV.

Have you ever felt torn between two businesses or two careers? Are you finding your way through this now?

If you’re navigating these exciting (and excruciating) waters currently, what insight from this episode helped you the most? And if you’ve been there, what wisdom can you share with Tiffany based on your own experience?

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