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By on February 2, 2018

By Jillian Walker

Many of us live waking dreams, seemingly powerless to the often frustrating and nerve-racking circumstances around us. Perhaps we aren’t regularly grocery shopping naked. Or being trapped in our high school hallways, searching for the administration office to ask why we have to complete a math class we can’t even find, and also to inform this dream high school administration staff that not only are we well past high school age but also have a college degree.

But, then again, maybe we are living these kinds of dreams.

I’m not suggesting that it’s common to shop in the nude.

I am suggesting that we do not properly clothe ourselves in the protective garments of self-love, compassion, joyful expression, and an unwavering commitment to higher standards of living.

I am not suggesting adults are regularly trapped back in their high school hallways and condemned to repeating our least liked subject until we can convince someone otherwise.

I am suggesting we have been improperly educated in the ways of the heart, mind, nervous system, and psyche; i.e. the actual essential tools we need to master in order to achieve a life of freedom.

Oh, dreams! The brain TRULY works in FASCINATING ways!

We must ask ourselves, what are the things dreams are made on? Shakespeare theorized through Prospero in The Tempest that our dreams are built upon illusion and whatever aspects or characteristics that support an illusion.

Poignant, considering how many of us trap ourselves in the illusion that we will never live the oh-so-worthy dreams of our heart. An illusion that we must settle; a false dream that has been draped around us with increasing tightness since early childhood. Unless of course, we were born to very AWAKE parents (i.e. conscious parenting, but even then, you’re not guaranteed immunity from the trappings of the modern world).

These days, we humans ultimately fall into two categories: asleep, or AWAKE. In other words, we are compliant with general social expectations based on outdated ideals of class and gender and fueled by media-born models of wealth and sex-appeal, or we are not.

Most people are asleep. Asleep at the wheel, asleep pumping gas, asleep during sex, asleep on their phone scrolling through meaningless memes to distract them from the actual reality that they willingly subject themselves to every day. Chained to a life of diminutive standards, unnecessary suffering, and a dying soul flame. All amounting to years and years on this earth tragically lacking passion and beauty (our natural states by the way).

Consciously or unconsciously, most of us have willingly sacrificed the cultivation of our innate power and potential, sacrificing ourselves to be poorly tended cogs, belts, nuts and bolts, in the massive mechanism of modern life. That’s why the machine still moves, like the looms in dirty factories during the industrial age, because not only are we compliant with it, we are PART of it. This machine weaves a social fabric that is trapping, poorly-breathing, and lorded over by a few big bosses seemingly devoid of compassion—as is evidenced by their weavers working conditions.

If you are not AWAKE, you are like one of those industrial age workers, poorly cared for, overworked, taxed, under-nourished, used to further the goals of a select few.

Look around. So much poverty. So much hunger, pain, and suffering. It is absolutely unnecessary. Without a doubt, there are plenty of resources to go around. We have enough food and energy on this planet to take care of every human, every animal!

So, what’s up? Why is there so much suffering despite our ample resources?

Why is there so much unhappiness, cheating, divorce, violence when we all are working so diligently to keep the machine working?

It’s not that the machine is broke, I promise you that. In fact, the machine is working PERFECTLY, because it is a machine that directly or indirectly was designed over time to keep us asleep and unaware as to the innate power of transformation that begs to be woken up within us.

The tragedies and pain of this planet are not due to a lack of resources or wealth, no no no. These conditions are, as Louise Hay so beautifully said, due to a lack of LOVE, and this lack of love is due to the significant detail that we are asleep to the fact that the love that can heal the world is within each of us.

If we want change, we have to be the change. To be the change, we have to wake up to the fact that we are compliant creators of every unsatisfactory element in our lives, and it is our responsibility alone to wake up to our ability that ONLY we can be the solution.

Waking up is banishment of blame, shame and regret.

Waking up is a beckoning in and a nourishing of forgiveness, truth, love, and compassion.

Quite simple really.

It is the unhappiness and suffering that is so complicated and difficult to understand.

A life of pure and joyous fulfilment is built on a foundation of incredible simplicity: love, forgiveness, compassion, and truth.

Complaining is one directional. Straight down into darkness. Submitting to a mundane life is one directional, straight down into life-sucking boredom. Shame and regret are one directional, straight down into the pit of self-harm.

We all have the choice to either wake-up or keep taking the sleeping pills society, and the media feed us every day.

It is always a choice.

Waking up is multidimensional, multi-directional, and ever-expanding, just like the beauty of our universe. We experience awake-ness in life much as we do the night sky viewed hundreds of miles from artificial light: with awe, wonder, and endless opportunities to soak in the beauty.

You might be asking, well, Jillian, are YOU awake?

Humbly I give you this answer: to a degree; somewhat; YES! I AM awake!

It just takes one conscious breath to start to wake up, and from that point on it is a lifelong process of ever more deepening awakening to how the power of God and the divine permeates our existence. It is quite stunning.

To sum it up, I want to share with you a recent entry from the stream-of-consciousness journal that I write in almost every morning, first thing, around four am, in the mostly dark. It is what inspired this article, and is at the heart of my message to you:

“When you drop your pretences and your fears, and the world grows up around you like an unparalleled bloom, and you finally have the space to see the beauty, and you sing with it, and it’s never felt so beautiful, and your heart just sings so loud. Louder than ever. And you barely need to even consider why it took so long, because you see the perfect timing, and you understand the direction without needing all the details.”



Jillian-Walker-squarePassion and pain are Jillian Walker’s greatest teachers, and greatest inspirations. They have guided her in all she does and strives to do. As a yoga teacher, reiki master, and meditation guide, she is devoted to the richness of this life that is gleaned from the continuous evolution of those practices. Being a catalyst for positive change is like a purposeful thirst whose quenching is indescribably sweet. Follow at www.facebook.com/jillyyoga.

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